Natural Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair?

Rice water has been used mainly to beautify the face, hair and body since ancient times. Rice water contains inositol, carbohydrate, which can penetrate damaged hair and repair it both from the inside and even protects hair for future damage.
Rice water also has amino acids that enhance hair roots, increase hair volume and make your hair smooth and silky. It also has hair care qualities such as reducing surface friction and promoting hair elasticity. Thus, washing your hair with rice water increases hair handling and protects it against damage.
Use Rice Water For Long And Strong Hair

How To Use Rice Water For Your Hair?

We soak it in the water before we cook rice and strain it.The stretched out water becomes a milky liquid due to starch residue. The milky water is rich in vitamins and minerals that are very useful for your hair.

Let's take a look at the method or procedure to effectively use rice water for hair to make it stronger, softer, healthier and give your hair extra volume and extra shine.

Ingredients we need:

  1. 1/2 Cup Uncooked rice(white or brown)
  2.  2-3 Cup Water


  1.  First of all rinse the uncooked rice(1/2 cup) with about a cup of water to remove dirt or impurities present in the rice.
  2. Then put the rinsed rice(1/2 cup) in a bowl and cover it with the 2-3 cups of water.Leave it for 25-30 minutes.Swirl it until the water gets cloudy.If the water gets cloudy it ensure that the vitamin and minerals present in the rice seep into the water.
  3.  Now,strain the rice and reserve the water(your rice water is ready to use) and use it whenever you want.
  4.  Rinsing your hair with rice water provides shine to your hair and helps in keeping them strong and healthy.
  5.  Whenever you want to rinse your hair with the rice water keep in mind that add a few drops of lavender,rosemary or chamomile essential oil to it.
  6.  Then shampoo your hair as usual.
  7. After that pour the rice water over it and leave it for 20-25 minutes(gently massage your hair and scalp during this period).
  8. At last rinse your hair with the normal water after following the procedure or method.
  9.  Repeat this procedure at least once a week and enjoy the improvement in the texture of your hair.
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