Dark Spots Treatment At Home?

Dark spots are also known as age spots, sun spots, life spots, and brown spots that usually occur in the areas of your skin that are exposed to sun ultraviolet radiation.

What Are Dark Spots On Face?

When skin is exposed to the sun, it increases the production of melanin, a pigment found in your skin's top layer that can cluster and develop into dark spots. Dark spots on your skin develop in the sun's exposed areas such as face, hands, arms, legs, neck, shoulder and chest.

Get rid of dark spots

Causes Of Dark Spots?

Too much sun exposure and aging are the main cause of dark spots. Other causes may be weak liver, stress, pregnancy or deficiency of vitamins.

To get rid of dark spots, best natural home remedies?

Dark spots are harmless but many people consider them unsightly and look for remedies to remove dark spots. I'll share some of the best natural home remedies to get rid of dark spots on the face, hands, arms, neck, chest and shoulder.

1.Lemon Juice(Best natural dark spot remover)

As we all know, lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent whether it's your dark spots, dark underarms, and even dark neck. Lemon juice contains citric acid that can break down your skin's melanin pigment to make it lighter and reduce the appearance of dark spots within a month.

Methods With Lemon Juice to Remove Dark Spots?

  1.  Cut a lemon into two pieces.
  2.  Rub a slice around 20-25 minutes on your dark spots.
  3.  Then rinse off with the clean and cool water.
  4.  Repeat this procedure regularly twice a day until the desired result is obtained.
  1. Take a lemon fresh and squeeze out the juice.
  2.  And apply it directly on the affected area and leave it for about half an hour.
  3.  Then rinse it off with the cool and clean water .
  4.  Repeat for two months on a regular basis this procedure twice a day to see positive results.

2.Aloe Vera For Light Dark Spots On Skin

As we all know, aloe vera has skin healing properties so it makes your skin hydrated and fresh. It also helps skin regeneration. Thus Aloe Vera is the best natural home-made treatment for getting rid of dark spots on hands, legs, face, neck, underarms and other body parts especially when caused by sun exposure.

Method for the treatment of aloe vera for dark spots.

  1. Take a fresh gel off an aloe vera.
  2.  Gently scrub fresh Aloe Vera gel on the affected area of your skin.
  3.  Then leave it for associate degree hour.Let it sit completely.
  4.  Now, rinse it off with the cool and clean water.
  5.  To get the positive or desired result, repeat this procedure twice a day for a month.

3.Buttermilk for treatment of dark spots

The buttermilk's lactic acid helps exfoliate the skin to remove dark spots without drying your skin. It also helps keep your skin refreshed and lighter in tone.

Method to use buttermilk for treatment of dark spots

  1. Take necessary quantity of milk in a bowl and apply it on the dark spots employing a cotton pad or ball and leave it for 15-20 minutes.Then rinse it with clean and cold water. For 2-3 months regularly follow this procedure twice a day to see the desired or positive result.
  2. Take 3-4 teaspoon of butter milk and 2 teaspoon of tomato juice,mix both the ingredients gently and apply the mixture on the dark spots or the affected area.Then leave it for 25-30 minutes and then rinse it off with the clean and cold water.Repeat or follow this procedure double each day frequently for two months to envision the gradual change.

4.Castor oil for the treatment of dark spots

The use of castor oil is one of the easiest ways to get rid of dark spots on skin. Because of its antioxidant and powerful healing properties, castor oil can lighten the skin, helping to get rid of dark spots.

Method for the treatment of rubber oil for dark spots

  1. Take the required quantity of castor oil and massage the affected area gently for a few minutes.
  2. Then leave it for fer hours let it sit completely on your skin.
  3.  Then wash your skin with the clean and cold water.
  4.  Follow this procedure to fade the dark spots at least once a day and make your skin tone even.

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