Treat Dandruff At Home?

Everyone knows what is dandruff,if not?For your kind information,the white flakes present is your scalp is mainly called dandruff.Many people are cause with this scalp problem and it is also not a good sign of your reputation.Whenever you goes outside of your home dandruff will see clearly on your scalp and even in your clothes also.

Remove Dandruff At Home

Main Causes Of Dandruff

The main cause of dandruff is the fungus present in everyone's scalp and the dirt and dust present in your scalp,the dirt and dust present in your scalp changes into dandruff after sometime.It is also caused by the attachment with the another people who is affected with this scalp problem.

Natural Home Remedies To Remove Dandruff

Here in this article i am sharing the most effective natural remedy to treat dandruff at home.By following these natural home remedies you will treat dandruff easily at home.Here we go:

1. Lemon

Lemon is one of the best and effective natural home remedy to remove dandruff from your scalp because it contains citric acid.Applying lemon directly to scalp,it is one of the best and effective home remedy for a clean dandruff free scalp to encourage healthy hair growthThe procedure to use the lemon to treat dandruff at home is given below:
  1. Take a lemon and cut it from half.
  2. Then rub one half of lemon onto your scalp .
  3. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours.
  4. Then,wash your scalp with the cold and clean water.
  5. Follow the procedure twice a week and in the first week you will see the gradual change and keep in mind that overuse of lemon can make hair brittle and dry so use it in moderate level.

2. Egg

Egg is also one of the best and most used natural home remedy to treat dandruff because it is rich in vitamin that make hair more resistant to damage and treat dandruff with the single hand.To treat dandruff with egg you will need to follow the procedure which is given below:
  1. Take an egg and smash it in a bowl.
  2.  Now,mix it propely with the teaspoon.
  3.  Then,apply it onto your scalp and leave it for minimum 1 1/2 hour.
  4. After that,wash your scalp with the clean water and you will see the difference in two time uses.
  5.  Follow this procedure twice or thrice a week.

3.Head&Shoulder Shampoo

Head & Shoulder shampoo is the easiest and effective remedy to treat dandruff because it has some special ingredients such b as zinc pyrithione which is considered as best effective anti dandruff treatments by dermatologists.It helps to eliminate dandruff  leaving you hair 100% flake-free.So my final suggestion is that use head & shoulder anti dandruff shampoo instead of your daily shampoo.

If  you are also suffering from this scalp problem you can follow any of the above given processes you will definitely see the gradual change and gets healthy,strong and dandruff free scalp and hair.

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