Tips To Get Rid Of Oily Face?

Let's first of all know what oily skin is? If you have oily skin, it shows quite a bit of brightness very often and is potentially prone to pimple occurrence.Typically, oily skin also has larger and more visible pores of the skin.

Oily Face

Causes of oily face or skin?

The skin is mainly oily due to the excessive oil produced by the skin pores. The oily skin type sebaceous glands are over-active and produce excess oil.

Oily Face Remedies

1.Wash your face three time a day(in morning,afternoon and in the evening)

First we need to know that oily skin needs regular cleansing. Keep in mind that regularly wash your face twice or three times a day. Use a gentle soap such as glycerin soaps and avoid scrubbing your skin.

2.Use oil free skin care products

Whatever skin care product you mainly use for your skin, be careful whether it is cleansers, moisturizers and make-up that should be oil-free.

3.Always choose a gentle foaming face wash

If you really want to control oily skin, you need to select a strong face wash to dry the skin. And for oily skin, you need to wash your face softly.

4.Avoid oil based cleansers

You need to avoid oil-based cleansers to control oily skin because oil-based products are likely to clog skin pores and may aggravate oily skin conditions.

5.Apply moisturizer regularly

Every day, you need to use moisturizer to keep the oily skin well hydrated. Choose a moisturizer that is labeled non-comedogenic.

6. Use Herbal Charcoal Face Wash 

If you have oily face you can use herbal charcoal face wash because it is one of the best and effective natural remedy to control oily face.

7. Use Clay Mask Once a Week

You can use a clay face mask once a week to get rid of oily face.I will suggest you to use multani-mitti face mask with few drops of rose water and much needed amount of simple water.

Procedure to make multani mitti face mask

  1. Take some amount of multani-mitti in a bowl.
  2.  Add some drops of rose water and much needed amount of water.
  3. Mix them gently and turns it into a thick paste.
  4. Now,apply the paste on your face and leave it for couple of hours,let it dry completely.
  5. After that wash your face with the clean and little cold water.
  6. Repeat this procedure once a week to get the desired result.
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