Saturday, March 16, 2019

Best Makeup Ideas

Makeup Ideas

Best makeup ideas are keys to have competent and attractive look and always go for a simple and smooth makeup which enhances your natural beauty and personality.Don't go for too much of makeup.Always keep in mind that you need to wear appropriate makeup that gives you professional and natural look.
Your makeup should be long lasting,so that you don't need to retouch it often during your hours.It always should make you feel comfortable and also enhance your natural beauty and gives you a corporate look.In this article,i am sharing some best makeup ideas that gives you a professional,competent and attractive look.

Best Makeup Ideas or Tips and Tricks

Best and effective makeup ideas or makeup tips and tricks are as follows:

1.Use or Choose Appropriate Makeup Products

First of all you need to determine what type of skin you have(sensitive,combination or oily) and then choose appropriate makeup product depending on your skin type or look out for the product that made for your skin type.

2.Cleanse and Tone Your Skin

The next step is to cleanse and tone up your skin to remove dirt and oil.Always remember that dirt and oil sitting on your skin cause makeup to smear and smudge.

3.Use A Good Quality Moisturizer Cream

Use a good quality moisturizer cream to provide a smooth canvas for makeup.Always keep in mind that use or apply a lightweight moisturizer cream because it will make your makeup to not get absorbed into your pores,therefore the makeup will not slide right off and will long last.

4. Use A Foundation Primer

To ensure more adherence for the foundation and even coverage,consider using a foundation primer before applying or using foundation.Because foundation primer will also help in getting a long lasting makeup and without foundation primer makeup tends to be absorbed and look blotchy half way through the day.

5. Apply Foundation

 Always go for  a powdered based,anti aging,thicker compact style makeup for smooth coverage.When applying foundation into your skin keep in mind that always consider using waterproof foundation and do not rub the foundation into your skin rather than try to blend it around edges.

6. Use Concealer

Use concealer if you have some darker areas over your skin and keep in mind that always use non-oily concealer.And you can also use concealer as an eye shadow base to make your eye-shadow stay put longer.

7. Adding Color To Your Face

Use a cream blush or powder bronzer depending upon your skin color or type for adding color to your face and always go for a sponge or good quality brush.

8. Use A Good Quality Powder

Always use a lightweight loose translucent type powder brush to powder your face and always remember, a good quality powder is essential to have a competent and long lasting makeup.

9. Use Lip-Liner

Always use a lip-liner to to keep lipstick in place.After applying lip-liner to your lips,dust will loose powder and then apply lipstick or gloss of your choice.And always use a long wearing good quality lipstick.

10. Eye Makeup

To get long lasting eye makeup apply your eye makeup in light layers.Always line your eyes with the pencil eye-liner and apply liquid eye-liner on top for long lasting eye-liner.
  • First powder your eyelashes and then apply mascara to ensure long lasting mascara makeup. 
  • You can apply eye shadow both in cream and powder form.
  • Always use eye makeup primer because it can make your eye makeup more competent and last longer.
  • Liquid eyeliner always have much more staying power than pencil eyeliner.
Note: Always ensure to end your makeup process with the light layer of loose powder to keep your makeup in place,competent and last longer. And always keep in mind that you need to apply more powder in excess oily areas such as nose,chin and forehead.