Sunday, September 2, 2018

Tips to get beautiful eyes?

Eyes are one of the most attracting body part of human beings which decides  everyone's face look and smile type so it is very important to make yours eyes beautiful,if you really wants to make your eyes beautiful follow the steps or procedures given below:

Tips are as follows:

 (1) Eat much needed quantities of vitamin A and vitamin C.Vitamin A includes carrots,potatoes,squash ,spinach and green vegetables where vitamin C includes guavas,bell papers,citrus fruits and papayas.

(2) In the morning your liver is sluggish it will be a good idea to detoxify your digestive system with half cup of beetroot juice.

(3) If  you want to add sparkle to your eyes and give relax to them so there is a simple method,rub your palm of both the hands together till they become warm then place them on closed eyes for 5-6 minutes.By doing this your eyes definitely feel rested and fresh.

(4) After removing your eye makeup with a remover,rinse your eyes properly then wash them well and pat the eyes gently with a soft towel to dry them.

(5) Take a bowl of hot water and some cotton,firstly take a piece of an ice and rub it over your eye lids in a circular form,immediately dip the cotton in hot water and follow the same procedure that follows with the ice,repeat this hot and cold procedure 8-10 times .This makes your eyes feel rested and they definitely sparkle.

(6) Prepare a strong black tea  by adding 1 teaspoon of tea leaves to 1/4 cup of boiling water and steep it for 4-5 minutes.Then keep it to cool in the fridge.After cooling take some cotton pads and soak them in the cold tea then place them on closed eyelids.Leave it for 25-30 minutes for the desired result.

(7) Take an fresh apple grate it and squeeze the juice through a muslin cloth then soak the cotton pas into the juice and place them on your closed eyes for 15-20 minutes.Repeat the procedure daily at once until you get the desired result. 

(8)  The best remedy of all the times is a cucumber juice applied on the cotton pads and place it on the closed eyes.It helps to add freshness and splash.

(9) Always remember to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of sunlight and dusty winds.

(10) Do a bit of meditation or yoga or deep breathing to give relax to your eyes.

(11) Take a some amount of coconut oil on your palms then apply the oil around your eyes and properly massage it your your fingers slowly then leave it for at least 2 hours.Finally,wash it with clean water and get the desired result.

(12) Take a little amount of water and add 1 teaspoon of fennel seed powder.Now,mix them properly and make a paste.Then wrap the mixture in a damp cloth and finally use it as a cold compress on your tired and puffy eyes.

(13) Take 1 teaspoon of the extract of ginger then add 1/2 teaspoon of honey to the extract and mixed them properly now, use your fingers to massage on your eye area for 15 minutes and repeat this procedure everyday for the desired result.

(14) Take a few potatoes and cut it into a circular shape then lie down on a chair or your bed and place the circular slices on the eyes.Leave it for 15 minutes and after 15 minutes remove them from your eyes.Finally,wash your face with a clear water properly and you should repeat this method regularly.

(15) Take the gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf then apply the gel on your closed eyes and eye lids.Then massage it for 4-5 minutes and after that leave it for 15-20 minutes.Finally,wash your face with a clean water and see the gradual change.