Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Facial exercises

As we all know that we celebrate international Yoga day on 21st June every year.Our government declared 21st  June, an international yoga day.It was declared because Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline which involves mediation,breath control and overall fitness.Everyday yoga do wonders for our face also.
By practicing yoga everyday  you sees a gradual change in your day to day life,beauty being one of the gradual changes.According to me a beautiful,glowing or sizzling skin can be achieved by treating your skin from inside through a better selection of yoga aasans and exercise rather than expensive saloon treatments.
There are many yoga aasans  for our skin that gives us a gorgeous skin tone:

The practice of yoga daily or regularly may greatly aid in helping you look gorgeous and refreshed every time.In fact, I always promoted homemade remedies  for skin treatments which are unique and caught on worldwide.And i think that Yoga is one of the important part of our modern lifestyle in terms of both health and beauty.

How Yoga Give Benefits To Our Skin?

(1)Increase Blood Circulation 

There is no doubt that practicing yoga regularly increases our blood circulation mainly inverted poses and forward bends are great for getting a fairy glow,also they increases the blood flow to the nerves of our face that aid in skin cell renewal.If you have a dull or tired skin look ,asanas such as cobra pose,plow pose,shoulder stand, fish pose,triangle pose and child pose will definately gives you a gradual change in your skin tone.
Cobra Pose

Plow Pose

Shoulder Stand

Fish Pose

Triangle Pose

Child Pose

(2)Purifying Oxygen

Heart opening poses such as camel pose and triangle pose are one of the best yoga poses for glowing skin they flood the skin with oxygen.This is very essential for the bright skin tone and youthful complexion to all the health-boosting nutrients directly to your skin cells.

Camel Pose

Breathing exercises or pranayamas are also great for our skin that gives freshness everytime and also gives a brilliant appearance .Practicing Kapalbhati pranayamas regularly that involves deep breath which is very helpful for increasing oxygen flow and regenerate skin cells.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

(3)Improves Digestive Process

The main benefit of practicing yoga regularly is improved digestion.It improves the digestion of skin loving nutrients which we get from daily food we eat.The main reason of dull skin,breakouts and other skin problems are caused by an unhealthy digestive system.So, practicing yoga is essential for a clear and glowing skin tone.
Try Twisting poses and bharadvaja's twist are the yoga asanas which are brilliant for our digestive organs and keep everything moving smoothly.
Bhardvaja's Twist

Twisting Pose

      (4) Decreases Stress

Stress may be the major cause of many skin problems that include dullness,wrinkles,breakouts and loss of elasticity of skin. So, try the soothing yoga poses before bedtime which will definately decreases your stress and you receive a full eight hours of beauty shuteye.

                                               Soothing Poses⇓⇓⇓

(5) Give Instant Tone To Your Face

Facial yoga is one of the best yoga practice for the young skin.As we age,our skin loses its elasticity and muscle becomes slack,but daily practice few minutes facial yoga can elevate and strengthen the muscles and skin cell in your face and also helps to increase blood flow to your skin.

Facial Yoga Exercises