Saturday, July 14, 2018

Facial at home

Does your skin looks dull and puffy?Turn it into a glowing skin with the facial.

Follow these steps to do your own facial

Step1.Cleanse your face clearly

Always cleanse your skin with the cream,milk and foam according to skin color that helps  your skin to free from dullness and oiliness.


It removes dead cells from your skin and makes your skin glowing.Use the perfect exfoliator  according to your skin color.

Step3.Facial massage

Hold a wet face cloth over your skin to boost circulation and dilate pores.Then massage your face with a rich cream unless your skin is oily.

Step4.Apply face mask

Without removing the rich cream that you applied on your skin,apply a face mask.You should choose your face mask formula according to your skin color or that your skin suites. After applying a face mask leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

Applied face mask

 Step5.Apply serum

Now,apply serum and your sun protection cream.Your skin looks glowing,smooth and bright.

If you also wants to do your own facial follow the steps given above⇑ and gets the result with glowing,smooth and bright skin.

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