Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Comman skin problems and their solutions

There are some basic skin problems we found in our body which are as follows and as every problem  has at least one solution or may be many solutions we have also a perfect solutions for every problem.

Problem 1:Dark Circles

Basically dark circles are the indicator of ill health and lack of sleep or rest.But sometimes it is caused by some more factors like allergies and dehydration.Dark circles are mainly more prevalent as one grows older.But many times  it is also find in younger people also it's main causes are not getting healthy sleep or rest and a bad diet.
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Solution:Rub a raw potato under your eyes to lighter dark circles and i am sure it would be removed after sometime   .

Problem 2:Acne and Pimples


Everyone's skin has tiny holes which are commonly known as pores.Pores can become blocked by oil,dead cells,bacteria and dirt.Whenever this occurs in your skin or face this means there is a development of a "pimple or zit". If your skin is regularly affected by this it means you may have acne.

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 Solution: Apply a mask of multani-mitti and rose water to remove acne and pimple.

Problem 3:Anti-Aging   


Everyone grows older and with the older age our skin also grows older and loses its elasticity and there were wrinkles that give your age away.
But there are also many people those don't look their ages for their glowing skin they follow the solution given below.
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 Solution: Take a healthy diet and keep fit. Avoid bad habits like smoking,it can make dull,dry and aged skin.Do yoga,meditation and apply mud masks regularly.