Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Change Straight Hairs Into Curly !

How to convert your long straight hairs into curly?

If you want to give extra bounce to your long straight hairs by curling it,you have a very effective option that is the use of curling iron.Curling iron is an effective method to get curly hairs and prefer not to damage.Let's know how to use curling iron ..

Get Curly Hairs By Using Curling Iron..

  • Always use of a thick iron is best and very comfortable for  curling your straight hairs.
  • You don't want freshly washed hair,but your hairs should be free of dryness and tangles.After that you need a hairy spray  whichever you want,a hair spray gives an instant thickness to your hairs.Apply hair spray or mousse to give volume to your hairs.
  • Change the temperature according to your choice,my opinion is that you should set your iron at a low temperature.At thick temperature  it can damage your hairs.
  • Always grab a section of hairs between  your fingers and wrap it vertically around your curling iron.
  • After wrap your hairs vertically around your curling iron now you should wrap and holds your hair horizontally around your curling hair.It gives more volume to your hairs.
  • Many peoples wrapped their hairs for a long time they thin that after wrapped hair for a long tie they hairs get curly,but they were wrong their hairs can be damaged.Keep your hairs wrapped for minimum 10-12 seconds only.
  • After wrapping for 10-12 seconds you keep each curl locked with a pin and close your head till your curls get cool and take off the pins carefully.
  • After your curls get cool you should release each curl and coat your hairs with a hair spray to get them volume.You should use a high quality hair spray which curls yours hairs for a long period.
  • After using a high quality hair spray you don't use brush or comb them.This may always create frizz to your curls.
  • After completing all the tasks given above if you follow them carefully you defenately gets a  sizzling curly hairs.